Helite Airbags Kids Horse Riding...

Helite Airbags Kids Horse Riding Safety Vest

Airbag-type protective vest (air bag) that protects the body from serious injury.

Airbag type protective vest specially designed to protect the trunk from blows (spine, cervical, thorax, abdomen and back)

With a renewable gas cartridge to be able to use it as many times as you want, this vest allows great freedom of movement thanks to the fact that the arms are completely clear.

Easy to put on / take off thanks to its zip closure on the front.

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Airbag-type protective vest (air bag) that protects the body from serious injury. The effectiveness of these protective vests and the reliability of their system have been extensively tested and recognized. 14 countries were fitted with these vests at the London 2012 Olympics and it has been used by many renowned riders. The first version of this airbag vest was designed for motorcycling, a discipline that requires very resistant, effective and reliable products. This vest inflates very quickly protecting in less than 100 milliseconds after activation. To ensure that the vest is activated whenever you need it, it has a multi-directional safety system. The large protective surface and specific shape of this vest will effectively cover the entire back from head to tailbone, as well as the chest and hips. This greatly reduces whiplash injuries and helps prevent impact damage, broken ribs causing internal bleeding, hyperflexion of the spine, etc. Before buying an airbag vest, check the size of the cartridge that is proportional to the volume of protection you will get.

**Please note that if you bought this Airbag from outside of Europe it will be shipped without air bottle cause the air lines law.


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