Bits and Accessories for horses

Bits and Accessories for Horses

Buy mouthpieces for horses

Depending on the bridle you have chosen to use, you will need to use a fillet or a fillet combined with a bit; or maybe neither if you opt for a bitless. However, you must be clear that there are many types of fillets classified according to their design (split, double split, with olive rings, pessoa, elevators...) or according to their composition material (stainless steel, blue steel, rubber, pasta, leather ...). You should choose the one that best fits your horse's mouth.

The same happens with the bit, since there are many types (dressage bit, pelham...). Although it could also be the case that you opt for a bitless Hackamore type bit for horse. These give up the fillet and the bit, replacing them with systems that act on the noseband.

The Best Steaks and Bits for Horses

At Equippos we carry out a selection of the best mouthpieces for horses with different designs and brands. All the products we select are manufactured with high-end materials and with excellent features. Buy embouchures, fillets, bites, hackamores... you can find all of them at Equippos. In this way, we offer from cheap and accessible bits in case you do not want to make a large investment, to the most recognized brands of fillets and bits for horses and with the best reputation worldwide. And all this together with the advice of a team of experts with more than 25 years of experience!

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