Equestrian items that promote horse welfare, improve sports performance through the maintenance of external and internal health.

Equestrian items that promote horse welfare, improve sports performance through the maintenance of external and internal health.




  • Horse Saddles and accessories

    The saddle is one of the most important connection points between the horse and the rider. In Equippos you will find jumping or dressage saddles of the best quality, adapted to the anatomy of the back of the horse and the rider. Get a full assessment to find the ideal complement!

  • Saddle Accessories
    Section of accessories that complement the saddles of the best brands and with a variety of models that adapt to all the special needs of the rider and the horse. Get everything you need to have the entire team complete.
  • Boots and Bandages

    The most important part of the horse is the extremities, therefore, it is necessary to ensure the health of the tendons, joints, and bones by applying external protections for a good lasting and safe sports performance.

  • Horse Nutrition

    Products intended for the health and welfare of the horse to improve sports performance in addition to maintaining the external and internal long-term condition with the best quality supplements and toys.

  • Blacksmith Tools

    Selection of articles related to the horse's fittings of the best quality.

  • Dog Supplies

    Like the horse, the dog is also the center of attention of a rider.

    Here you will find a selection of canine articles of the best quality.

  • Horse Care Products

    A good sports performance of the horse goes hand in hand with excellent internal and external health. In addition to improving the link and natural well-being to realize any type of objective.

    Find products to properly clean the hair, skin, and hooves of the horse, creams, gel and sprays repellents for insects and also professional clipping machines

  • Horse Rugs

    In cold seasons it is necessary to apply more protection to horses that live in freedom or block to ensure stable body temperature and prevent diseases. It exists rugs of different density and grammage for every season of the year and also rugs of polar and towel fabric to apply after an intense work or the shower. 

    ¡Find the ideal rug that you need according to the season of the year and the modus vivendi of the horse!

  • Lunge and Work a Horse

    A good lunge work is vital to obtain better results of balance and flexibility with a rider over. 

    Here you will find all the necessary material for this type of work.

  • Bridles for horses

    The halters are important accessories that are in direct contact with the skin of the horse thus increasing the need to customize the model and seek the highest quality within the possibilities.

    There are two types of bridles for the horse: the stable halters and the work one.

    Here you will find all kinds of bridles and accessories that complement them for all disciplines and levels.

  • Bits and Accessories for horses

    The choice of a good bit will be vital for a healthy and positive communication between the mouth of the horse and the hand of the rider. Everything is built on good contact and acceptance of the bit to increase the level of work.

    Here you will find different bits models with a variety of composition materials and designs to facilitate the discovery of the ideal one. Get full technical advice!