Training Bandages for Horses

Training Bandages for Horses
Anky Icelandic Vibes Fleece... Anky Icelandic Vibes Fleece... 2
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Training Bandages for Horses

Anky Icelandic Vibes Fleece Bandages

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Silver Yellow (Golden Glow) Blue (Dark Navy) Copper Lobster Night Blue Hummingbird Green (Green Gables) Blue (Ceramic) Blue (Queens Blue) Purple (Crown Jewel) Red (Tawny Port) Red (Jalapenos)

The training bandages are used to hold the tendons and suspensors of the horse's extremities to prevent injuries, heat tendons, maintain blood flow and prevent post-workout swelling. Vital and ideal accessory for use in cold or warm seasons and not recommended in summer due to overheating tendons. Here are different models of bandages for each modality of discipline and need of each horse.

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