Hit-air SKV Kids Horse Riding Airbag...
Hit-air SKV Kids Horse Riding Airbag...
Hit-air SKV Kids Horse Riding Airbag...

Hit-air SKV Kids Horse Riding Airbag Vest

Hit-Air SKV Kids horse riding vest with airbag specially designed for young riders. They protect critical areas of the body in the event of a fall: cervical, spine, thorax, lumbar and coccyx. Saddle strap is not included.

  • Strong 600D fabric
  • One size
  • Light weight of 880 grams
  • 50cc cartridges
  • One Size
  • Black

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€25.51 / mes en 18 cuotas
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Protective vest with airbag specially designed for use in equestrian activities. The Hit-Air SKV kids airbag vest is made of durable 600D polyester, woven nylon and mesh material for optimal breathability. Specially designed to give the smallest riders maximum protection.

Weighing just 880 grams, this airbag vest is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It allows total freedom of movement, guaranteeing maximum protection in the event of a fall. It is essential to tie the vest to the saddle so that it fulfills its function correctly. In the event of a fall, the vest is automatically released from the chair and inflates in a matter of nano-thousandths of a second. A minimum weight of 25 kg is essential.

The manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty.


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