Suplemento Alimentario Pre-Fuel Perfomance 60 ml

Pre-Fuel Perfomance Muscle Recovery Supplement 60 ml

60 mL syringe with hydrolyzed proteins and vitamins of group B and E that improve sports performance by limiting muscle fatigue.

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Pre-Fuel contains a hydrolyzed protein concentrate. Hydrolyzed proteins are pre-digested proteins for better use of amino acids and faster absorption. High-intensity exercise increases the protein needs of horses and this product is designed to meet the needs of the equine athlete and maintain muscle mass.

Glutamine is used as an energy source, helps the immune system, and maintains intestinal health and absorption. Pre-Fuel is a rich source of glutamine, which has been shown to improve post-exercise recovery by delaying fatigue.

It contains balanced electrolytes to improve post-exercise rehydration as well as B vitamins for optimal energy and protein utilization, as well as vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage and reduces recovery times. It is sold in syringes in individual doses for optimal administration.

3 Items

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