Totally natural stone of the Himalayan rocks with 84 mineral elements and trace elements necessary for the animal organism

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These totally natural stones extracted from the rocks of the Himalayas is the purest salt available on earth, as it is not contaminated with any toxin or contaminant. It contains all of the 84 mineral elements and trace elements necessary for the organism of the animal,

Sodium chloride: 98.62%, magnesium: 0.40%, Calcium: 0.11%, sulphates: 0.10%, iron: 0.001%, moisture content: 0.03%, insoluble residues: 0.73 %.

Main benefits:

It favors the functions of the animal organism due to potassium, calcium, magnesium and trace minerals.

It regulates the water content in the body, helping to reach equilibrium, restoring fluids and recharging electrolyte reserves after intense exercise.

Improves the absorption of food particles by the intestinal tract.

It reaffirms the structure of the skeleton avoiding the demineralization of the bones and prevents muscle cramps.

Prevents respiratory problems by helping to clear obstructions of mucus.

Immediate vitalizing energy effect


To know better the stone of the Himalayas:



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