Candy Lick Horslyx Balance 5 Kg
Candy Lick Horslyx Balance 5 Kg
Candy Lick Horslyx Balance 5 Kg
Candy Lick Horslyx Balance 5 Kg
Candy Lick Horslyx Balance 5 Kg
Candy Lick Horslyx Balance 5 Kg
Candy Lick Horslyx Balance 5 Kg
Candy Lick Horslyx Balance 5 Kg

Candy Lick Horslyx Balance 5 Kg

Lick candy from the pioneering brand Horslyx that favors the vitality and general health of the horse, balancing forage and pasture deficiencies and promoting a natural and healthy diet.

  • Original
  • Mobility
  • Pro Digest
  • Respiratory
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Healthy candy to lick and supplement the diet with different compositions according to the individual needs of your horse:
- Flaxseed oil: omega 3 for shiny coat and healthy skin, boosts the immune system. Supplement diets that are sometimes low in omega 3s to produce fatty acids for optimal health.
- Biotin: soluble vitamin B and fiber for healthy hooves with zinc and methionine more effective according to studies than only biotin.
- Protein: amino acids for muscle synthesis, essential amino acids not produced by the horse.
- Promotes the health of the joint system. Independent research has shown that stride length increases.
- Glucosamine: stimulates the production of collagen and promotes the synthesis of cartilage after injuries or infections.
- MSM: source of organic sulfur essential for collagen metabolism. It reduces inflammation and improves joint mobility by dilating blood vessels and increasing flow.
- Omega 3 and 6 oils: essential fatty acids that the body is not capable of producing. They reduce inflammation and support the immune system.
- Menthol, Eucalyptus and anise: clears mucus and helps ease breathing, drastically reducing stress.
- Vitamin C: beneficial against stress due to lack of vitamin C, activates vitamin E and activates the metabolism for the absorption and release of anti stress hormones
- Antioxidants
- Mucilage: slippery elm and Aschophyllum nodosum alga, soluble fiber that calms mucous inflammations of digestive membranes. Absorbs moisture from the stomach reducing the acid produced when there are ulcers.
- MOS: probiotics that help the growth of balancing bacteria for proper digestion and stomach health
- Actisaf: Live probiotic yeast to support digestion and reduce the risk of poor digestion.
- Antioxidants
- Apple flavor
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