Beris Leather Bit Soft and Flexible...

Beris Leather Bit Soft and Flexible with Bit Guards

A flexible and soft leather bit with simple and mobile rings indicated for young horses or with oral sensitivity, leather sewn by hand and treated with plant and natural products in Germany.

  • 14 cm
  • 12 mm
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As a rule, horses are happy to accept leather-barreled bits. Leather is a natural product, it stimulates chewing and the production of saliva. The bit slides smoothly into the mouth, thus increasing the horse's well-being. The treated leather has been tanned with vegetable products and sewn by hand. The mouthpiece is anatomically molded to perfectly match the anatomy of the horse's mouth when wet. It is ideal especially for use on young and very sensitive horses. Even horses, who reject bridles in general, accept a bite of leather, in most cases, with pleasure and can relearn to be confident in using fillet in their mouths. The loose ring entails a high mobility of the mouthpiece in the mouth. In other words, the ring fillet is a suitable mouthpiece for horses that prefer a "more mobile" mouthpiece in the mouth. The ring moves in the copper bushings in a very uniform way, which considerably increases the durability of the mouthpiece thanks to its better resistance. Likewise, it is possible to adapt to the needs of the horse and choose the appropriate mouthpiece for this purpose.

A truly handcrafted work made in Germany.

The mouthpiece should be softened before first use for several hours in oil. Repeat this process as long as the leather looks dry. Before use, it should be softened briefly in clear water and cleaned thoroughly after use, because saliva can erode the leather.

Thickness of the mouth of the ends 20 mm, in the center 12 mm.

Flexible and soft mouth.

1 Item

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