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Pantalón de Equitación Animo Nu Mujer

Pantalón de Equitación Animo Nu Mujer

Pantalones de microfibra, disponen del innovador "Gripping System", un sistema de sujeción de rodilla que los hace ideales para cualquier disciplina, ya que crea un agarre sin rival debido a las tiras de silicona en la zona interior de la rodilla.

Talla Pantalones Mujer
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Microfibre pants, have the innovative "Gripping System", a knee support system that makes them ideal for any discipline, since it creates an unrivaled grip due to the silicone strips in the inner area of ​​the knee. Anatomical shape in the knee to avoid the discomfort of the seams during movements, the particular bottom studied to eliminate the velcro problem, the ease of being able to shorten the trousers and the soft internal padding that allows a greater adherence to the horse. With the introduction of the ANIMO GRIPPING SYSTEM. This system consists of a non-slip material patch that allows the rider an optimal fit to the saddle and enjoy great stability during the jump or during a dressage performance. Animo that is always distinguished throughout the world for the elaboration of garments that are functional, elegant and full of fashion details, could not create this new system with a refined and detailed design that gives the pants an attractive novelty, innovative and technological. Composition: 97% polyamide, 3% elastane. Washing: 30 degrees.


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