Filete Blando Beris Comfort

Beris Snaffle Bit Comfort Bar Soft

Soft and slightly curved snaffle bit Beris Comfort that helps the acceptance and salivation of the horse facilitating a smoother communication. Ideal for young horses and / or with sensitive mouths.

  • 14 cm
  • 13 cm
  • 18 mm
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Soft and anatomical snaffle bit that is evenly supported offering more space and freedom of movement on the horse's tongue. Prevent pinching at the corners.
The Beris Comfort bar is held in a stable position thanks to its slightly curved shape. It is a very soft embouchure that is ideal for horses with sensitive mouths.
The movable rings ensure a lot of mobility in the horse's mouth. These move in the copper bushings in a uniform way, increasing the resistance to wear and the durability of the mouthpiece.
Beris is a German manufacturer of horse fillets and mouthpieces with many years of experience whose mission is to facilitate communication between horse and rider while always respecting the sensitivity of the horse's mouth.
Each piece is handcrafted with very resistant and particularly smooth plastic, which helps the fillet slide easily through the horse's mouth, even in those that produce very little saliva.
Thickness: 18mm
Rings: 7.5 cm
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