Stirrups Flex-on Composite Ultra Grip...
Stirrups Flex-on Composite Ultra Grip...

Stirrups Flex-on Composite Ultra Grip Full Black

Flex-On Composite stirrups made of polyamide and with an ultra grip base for a complete grip. Innovative and highly ergonomic design with elastomers to dampen the rider's movements. Last technological generation that improves drastically the technical performance.

Bow Color: Black
Magnet Color: Black
Elastomer Color: Black
  • Black

Flex-On Composite stirrups have been manufactured in France from a polyamide material of biological origin and internally reinforced with steel, making them ultra resistant and animal friendly stirrups.

It have a very high technical performance in terms of shock absorption thanks to the elastomers incorporated in the base, thus cushioning the rider's movements. They help keep the rider's joints and knees healthy as well as benefitting the horse with reduced movement and shock waves.

Ultra grip cleat is made of extra hard and very rough PVC with stainless steel spikes that adhere to the sole of the rider's boot, providing extreme grip and improving both stability and the correct position of the rider's foot on the stirrup.

Perfect for all kinds of horse riding disciplines.

It can be cleaned with water and are therefore very easy to maintain.


You can customize the color of your Flex-On Composite stirrups thus achieving a unique design. Contact us for more information.
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