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Formula with essential elements and vitamins to manage in hot seasons or high performance. Compensates the loss of fluids and minerals with sweating.

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The food supplement from Pasckacheval is formulated with a mixture of electrolytes and natural elements as well as Dextrose (thirst stimulant and energizer directly assimilable) and Vitamin C (muscle recovery). Mineral salts and fluids such as calcium, potassium, sodium, and chlorine. 

Provide with the dose of feed before and after an intense exercise slightly dissolved in water. It is recommended to use in times of high temperatures and excessive sweating as horses lose all types of fluids and mineral salts very quickly and in considerable quantities. In this state of the electrolytic deficit, the retention of fluids is less, the elasticity of the skin clearly decreases along with its vigor, the power decreases. Providing this supplement increases the reserve of fluids and electrolytes of each horse. Because of this, the lactic acid in the muscles is neutralized more quickly and iron in the blood is restored much more quickly.
Product with high palatability thanks to the natural flavor of red fruits it contains.

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