Currash Carron TRM Essential Oil Suplement 4,5L

Supplement with essential fatty acids (EFA), omega 3 and omega 6. Excellent preparation for perfect physical and internal conditions.

  • 4,5 kg
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Curragh Carron Oil is a nutritional sulfate that exerts important functions in the structural and functional development:
1. Keeps the circulatory system healthy
2. It favors an excellent condition of skin and hair for healthy growth and with vitality.
3. Fortified with Calcium Hydroxide for the digestive processes, lubricating it.
4. Ideal for power changes, for example from soft to hard.
5. An energy source accumulates more calories and reduces the volume of food in primary animals avoiding colic, resistant to insulin and lamipitic.
6. Reduction of the inflammatory response.
It is an important source of essential fatty acids (EFA) in particular Omega 3 and Omega 6. Horses can not produce these fats in their body, and very few stable horses have access to a natural feed supply with balanced EFA.
Instructions for use:
Curragh Carron Oil should be added to the usual daily ration.
For all horses: Administer 60ml per day.
Ponies and foals: Administer 30ml per day.

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